Summer Twenish (she/her; they/them) 
Summer is an Algonquin person from Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg who works from a queer and Indigenous feminist lens. With vibrant and playful colours, Summer's digital art and illustrations carry both Indigenous cultural traditions and self-determined visions of what's to come. Their creative expression is breathtakingly tender and fiercely anti-colonial, amplifying body positivity and Indigenous liberation. Summer is self-taught, and their natural gifts flow to them from the women in their family lines, who are all artists and educators in their own right. In 2021, Summer's work was featured in Biskaabiiyang (returning to ourselves), a group exhibition on interconnectedness and Indigenous futurities. They currently work as an illustration intern with House9 Design, a design firm based out of Montréal, QC. They also take on freelance illustration projects and offer art-based workshops designed to encourage personal wellness through creative expression. Their digital arts and illustrations are lovingly held up mirrors for Indigiqueer femmes, reflecting back their beauty, brilliance and radical joy.
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